Four examples of engagement-led journalism

As a full-time engagement editor, juggling daily publishing, social strategy and long-term projects, I find myself not participating in the smart, fast-paced conversations happening on Twitter. I follow along, but my social media cycle personally normally consists of scrolling Reddit at night at home, skimming popular Twitter hashtags and threads during the workday, and scrolling on Instagram while waiting for coffee or decompressing during a work break. Because the news moves so fast, and my work is hyper-focused on a specific region, I often miss out in joining in on those important online conversations.

In an effort to highlight what my team has been working on, and to provide some good news for the Twittersphere to see, I put together some of my favorite pieces of engagement-themed journalism of the week.

I am constantly amazed by the work done by my coworkers, and I am passionate about creating a strategy that includes the voices of readers, perspectives of community members, and user-focused stories. I love highlighting the work we do and hope I can help inspire (or at least distract) a digital neighbor with my recent-journalism threads.

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