Meet Maryđź‘‹

Hi! My name is Mary Willson, and I’m a multimedia journalist working at the intersection of community + technology. I am currently the engagement editor for a hyper local daily digital publication in Asheville N.C., called AVLtoday. We engage with our readers to create community-focused content in a daily newsletter format. (Like a local Skimm). I was… Continue reading Meet Maryđź‘‹

Four examples of engagement-led journalism

As a full-time engagement editor, juggling daily publishing, social strategy and long-term projects, I find myself not participating in the smart, fast-paced conversations happening on Twitter. I follow along, but my social media cycle personally normally consists of scrolling Reddit at night at home, skimming popular Twitter hashtags and threads during the workday, and scrolling… Continue reading Four examples of engagement-led journalism

How to run a media Instagram account people actually want to follow

It's no secret. It's really not. There is a simple explanation on how I started the AVLtoday Instagram the second week of January 2018, and in early October, we hit 10K subscribers. That is without paying for likes or using bots. How? We post like we're people. Here's the conundrum – Media companies publish wonderful… Continue reading How to run a media Instagram account people actually want to follow