Writing Clips

Denver Westword
  • The Rescue of the Mishawaka – A feature on a historic music venue in Roosevelt National Park, and it’s legacy after surviving a devastating forest fire. *This was the cover story for the Denver Westword in Sept. 2014.
  • Why Chris Thile will Make a Great Hose for A Prairie Home Companion – A opinion/personality based piece about the legacy NPR show formerly led by Garrison Keiler, and this transition has the ability to bring younger listeners in to the show.
  • 2014 Was the Year EDM Died – This had 8K shares on Facebook, and is about how the EDM scene, which was born in Colorado with artists like Pretty Lights and Griz, was dying because the original fan-base was aging out of going to shows and using drugs on weeknights.
  • James Holmes Hearing Could Take Months – I covered the jury hearing for the Aurora Theater shooting and looked at it from a localized lens of the percentage chance a Colorado resident would be pulled for the jury pool (.01, far greater than winning the Colorado lottery).
  • 10 Moments That shaped Fort Collins History – For the 150th anniversary of the city, I put together an extensive timeline of historic events, dating back to 1864. (And found all the photos in the physical archive in the newsroom).

  • An local election guide  – A comprehensive guide on how to vote and when, for local elections. I also ran an Instagram campaign and collaborated with a bakery to give free cupcakes to local readers who voted.
  • The history of solar eclipses – Before the 2016 total solar eclipse (Greenville, S.C. was in the totality zone), a look at why/when they happen and included memories our readers submitted of when they saw previous ones.

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